Shawn Credle
Communications Director

Shawn Credle is the Chief Executive Officer at Pineapple Ventures, Inc. Shawn is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (1999-2003) and a Master Certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Specialist as well as a part-time college professor teaching entrepreneurship.

Shawn graduated first in his class in military school and after four years of honorable service, Shawn was also able to obtain 5 college degrees including 3 master’s degrees.  His first master’s is an MBA with a concentration in Business Management, his second masters is in Business Intelligence/Analytics, and his third is in Information Privacy/Cybersecurity.

With Shawn’s longtime ability (not only in the military but in the private sector) to lead and motivate individuals towards a shared vision, his attention to detail, extensive and diverse education, he (as CEO) can effectively disseminate the culture and purpose for Pineapple Venture’s “Pineapple Express Delivery” as well as bring forth and articulate the vision and the purpose of the business to all employees, clients, and the public.

Joshua Eisenberg
Chief Operating Officer

Josh Eisenberg is the Chief Operating Officer at Pineapple Ventures, Inc. A Wharton business alumnus, he passed over consulting, finance and marketing positions to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity in the Cannabis industry not too long after graduating. Having grown up in southern California, he came back after college and founded a successful Cannabis delivery business.

In order to become the largest retail delivery service in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas Josh developed a business plan and, later, an efficient operating model that maximized return and customer satisfaction and minimized arrival time (aka “dynamic” delivery). After Prop 64 passed, Josh gained valuable lobbying and PR experience on behalf of the Cannabis industry in the local northern LA cities he served. 

Josh’s managerial and marketing experience with the dynamic delivery Cannabis model gives him unparalleled experience as well as insight into the needs of all demographic segments. With Josh designing the operational and marketing strategies and planning the expansion, Pineapple Venture’s vertical integration will allow “Pineapple Express Delivery” to scale bigger, better and faster than the competition.

Marco Rullo
CEO / President

With over a dozen years of senior executive leadership experience, Marco has successfully brought focus to both startups and enterprise-level corporations. His mix of agile thought and corporate rigor have been pivotal in scaling organizations across numerous sectors, including cannabis MSOs. An MBA Economist, Marco builds structure and grow revenue – increasing overall value for the organization, its investors and partners.

“In business, the road to success is often peppered with landmines. To succeed, you must keep a steady course, maintain your focus, and persevere through challenges. In Pineapple Ventures, we are sharing the legal cannabis industry playbook with clients in a risk averse manner so they can avoid costly mistakes and generate increased value in their projects.”

Marco Rullo, Founder